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Life @ ConJoin
Fun @ ConJoin

Having fun at work increases morale, reduces stress, improves staff retention and increases team building & spirit. ConJoin recognizes the fact that it is important to empower team spirit. Teams who work together to achieve goals, must celebrate together. We provide a platform for having informal interaction between the teams and create an atmosphere of openness and enhance sense of belongingness. We believe in creating an exciting work culture to motivate and retain good people.

We celebrate all religious/national festivals with equal spirit; professional successes of individuals and employee birthdays are celebrated with vigor and enthusiasm and recognition programs & annual day of fest are some of the ways that add fun in everyday work life. We decorate cubicles; organize contests, fun games and other merry making events as a part of our celebrations.

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Sportsmanship is an attitude that strives for fair play, courtesy toward teammates and opponents, ethical behavior and integrity, and grace in victory or defeat. We at ConJoin, inculcate that attitude in our employees by frequently organizing various sports events such as Football, Cricket, Badminton, etc. Every employee involves themselves in these sports events and enjoys the team-bonding activities.

We celebrate FIFA World Cup, where every department selects a country that they would support for that tournament and decorate their bay accordingly. The best decorated bay is declared as the winner and is given prize. We organize Football, Cricket, Badminton match where the employees participate irrespective of their expertise. ConJoin Premiere League (CPL) and Conjoin Football League (CFL) along with the Fun Committee takes the initiative of organizing these events and develops a jovial relationship amongst the employees.

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ConJoin celebrates events with full enthusiasm to increase the level of passion, creativity and productivity amongst the employees. It provides a nourishing environment for the soul, legitimizes fun in the workplace, and increases an individual's sense of connectedness to their work and the purpose of their organization.

Our Annual event Aura is celebrated in November where every employee participates with full passion and excitement. Aura reaffirms the employee’s belief that they are like one big family and the workplace is their second home. We have incorporated this annual celebration as a part of our corporate culture.

“Tug of War” is organized wherein all the employees prove their strength and teamwork. It is a fun filled team building activity and the employees enjoy a lot. ConJoin employees demonstrate their singing and acting skills on the “Antakshari” night. Various rounds like letter round, word round, dumb charades, and rapid fire are a part of this event where the employees showcase their talent.

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Making workplace livelier involves celebrations at various occasions so that a joyful ambience is created. These celebrations enhance social interactions among employees and break the barriers created by management hierarchies. We choose appropriate festivals and celebrate them at our floor reflecting the culture and values of the organization. We celebrate all the festivals with same enthusiasm and organize various events. We encourage all employees to participate in all events. Few popular events are Quiz, Bay Decoration, Rangoli competition, Paint Your Friend and Chocolate making workshop.

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ConJoin celebrates the birthday of each and every employee in “Birthday Bash” held on the last day of every month. In this event all the employees across the floor get together and celebrate the birthdays of that month. A friendly attitude at work place not only boosts the confidence of the ones working with you but also makes you an ideal candidate accompanied with a charm. We celebrate “Friendship week”, where the employees tie friendship bands to their buddies and develop their world of friends. The employee getting the highest number of bands is declared the winner. ConJoin employees celebrate the “Independence Day” by decorating their cubicles with flags. The employees dress up in the color of our national flag and put national flag badges to spread the feeling of patriotism across the floor.

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Appreciation ConJoin Sports
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Working with a jovial frame of mind and positive attitude acts as a catalyst in enhancing performance. We make our employees “feel good” for higher output. At ConJoin, employees are rewarded for their meritorious services. We have created a workplace where people feel they are listened to, recognized and appreciated.

We have “Appreciation week” where every employee is appreciated by their colleagues & coworkers. Everybody is given an opportunity to appreciate anyone and everyone they want and the person appreciating most of the people is rewarded. We let our employees know that they are important in other people's lives. We organize “Open House” every month where every employee participates and the employees are given rewards & recognition for their achievement. ConJoin makes every effort to encourage an environment of love and trust and enhances the bonding as well as team spirit in the overall professional environment.

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